There’s a general ‘rule’ in photography that an image should have a strong center of interest that reaches out and grabs the viewer. I have always liked images that have a lot of things to examine – much like Slartibartfast’s fiddly-bits on Norway’s fjords. What luck that I can choose which images I post.

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Spittimg Image

Spitting Image

I wonder if I ran a Google search, how many times I would find that someone used the same lame title for a photo of the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park in Chicago. Sometimes you just have to go with the obvious (‘go with the flow’ would just be a bridge too far).

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This is perhaps my favorite sign at the Grand Canyon. I guess that the intelligence and good sense of the American public (not to mention foreign visitors) is too limited to realize that a shear drop of several hundred feet is a disaster waiting to happen. But, in the immortal words of Sergeant Phil Esterhaus: ‘Hey, let’s be careful out there’.

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Here’s another image from my ambling along the River walk in Aurora a few weeks ago. Just another collection of lines and angles.


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Chicago Remembers

Chicag Remembers

It’s not easy to read at this size, but ‘Chicago Remembers’ is what’s written on the wall behind the fountain and above the large black square.  I wonder how many people in Chicago even know that this exists.  It’s the memorial for those from Illinois who died in service during the Viet Nam war.  Like the wall in Washington D.C., their names are inscribed on the black ribbon on the wall behind the fountain.  It’s a restful place along the river next to Wacker Drive, east of State Street.  People often relax there as the couple on the right are doing.  Others, like the mother and her little boy pushing the baby carriage, walk by and look at the names.  I wonder if any of the names are significant to them.  One of my High School classmate’s brother’s name is there as is the name of my lab partner from freshman chemistry in college.  We were pretty close friends for a year and then he transferred to another school and I lost track of him.  As people now do, I looked up his name on Google a few years ago and found his obituary.  He died from hostile fire in 1970.  I’ve been down to the wall at this memorial and found his name .  It’s a strange way to say good-bye.

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Keeping Warm

Keeping Warm

It’s supposed to be a tribute flame but I think that the pigeons are more interested in the heat rather than the remembrance in this image I made in December of ’05.

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I’m not talking about electronic devices but the plant they’re named after.  Walking from the house to the mailbox, I pass a patch of blackberry plants.  They have a larger and more impressive bloom than many of the other plants but they make up for it by having rather nasty thorns – even worse than roses.

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Footprint in the Sand

While the footprint goes down into the sand, this is one of those images that can fool the eye and look like it’s coming up form out of the sand.

Tomorrow I start my photo a day project for the next year.  Unlike some blogs, I won’t necessarily be making a new photo each day (Maybe I’ll save that for next year.) but mostly, I’ll be going back through my old files and maybe even checking out old slides and negatives to scan.  Like most people, I have way too many images hanging around and this will give me a chance to try look over old work and visit images I haven’t seen or worked with for a while.

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Merry Christmas


Besides being a photographer, I’m also a musician.  One of my gigs is as a church organist at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Peotone, IL.  This is a grab shot I took this morning.  When Epiphany rolls around, the statues of the Three Magi show up.  Wishing all the best of the season, and Peace.

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Hello world!

Well, nothing says Christmas like starting my first blog.  My plans are to start (after a week of shakedown) a photo-a-day blog starting January 1, 2011.  In the meantime, I’ll be learning the wonders of WordPress and getting my photos together.

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