Rainbow #2

One of those days when we had heavy rain a bit before sunset.  As the rain moved east, the sun came out and produced this rainbow.  This was the second one I got to photograph this year.  It would have been a bit more impressive if it had been a half hour later – the other one produced a complete double rainbow with a touch of a third one at the ends but the sun on the corn stalks was still impressive.


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Another Cliche

Another Cliche

So I’m watching the jet fly by the moon and figured, ‘what the heck’ I’ll take a picture.  Nothing spectacular, but it was one of those interesting moments.  My biggest decision was whether or not to put the accent on the end of ‘cliche’ but I decided against it because some browsers would probably substitute some sort of funky symbol which would be worse than just leaving it off.


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More Storm Clouds

More Storm Clouds

HDR (high dynamic range) techniques in digital imaging often make exaggerated dark looking clouds that are nearly black in spots.  The other evening, I saw these clouds coming and they were almost black all by themselves without help from me and with the nearly setting sun providing some really bright areas breaking through.  Saved me a lot of time in post processing.

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Buddha Pavilion

Buddha Pavilion

An image of the Buddha Pavilion at Allerton Park by Monticello, Illinois.  This is along the path that gets you to see the Fu Dogs.  There are two Siamese Buddha statues (one shown here) and a Harihara statue in the Pavilion.  The iron work on top is from a building originally in New Orleans.  I usually just trek on to the Fu Dogs which are some of my favorite things in the park, but it’s hard not to stop and make a quick image of the pavilion.

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Dead Trees

Dead Trees


I was watching a presentation of portfolio reviews the other day and the presenters recommended (almost insisted) that you shouldn’t include images of dead trees among other things.  Oh well, here’s some dead trees.

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Radio – Waves

Radio - Waves

The tower handles microwaves and the field does the ‘macro’ waves.

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Guess What? Another Canyon Photo

Guess What

I’ve mentioned before that I have way too many photos of the Grand Canyon.  Here’s another one from 2003.  And I haven’t even started scanning my slides from way back. (It’s not like the the canyon was just a little ditch like in one of the old Flintstone episodes.)

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Canyon Skeleton

Anyon Skeleton

Another image of the Grand Canyon – this one from 2003 returning home from a PPA convention in Las Vegas.  I got there just before sunset but was able to get several nice images.

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Drooling Autotrophs

Drooling Autotrophs

Watching the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” I always hear the line “The autotrophs began to drool.”  It’s an amusing concept and worth an image.  I’m sure that only a little of the water here is actually autotroph drool, most of it is just run-off water.

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Lily II

Lily II

Probably should have chosen a rose image for Valentine’s Day, but I’m going with another lily from the series I made at my neighbor’s yard.

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