It’s obvious that I like patterns, and these balustrades in Chicago caught my eye.

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I was out photographing around downtown Kankakee the other day and was getting some nice textures and patterns to use  as part of other images.  I liked this image on its own and processed and printed it and was pleased with the result.

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Stately Columns

I’ve been playing with new software lately. It can’t do anything that older software did, but it does it faster and easier. This is an image from my photowalk from October of 2013. I wasn’t happy with it originally, but felt that the monochrome treatment with contrast added.

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Lonely Bean



This is the ‘Cloudscape’ sculpture (titled ‘Cloud Gate’) in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago.  Every time that I’ve gone to make an image of it, there was always a crowd of tourists and  photographers with tripods at the ready.  It’s fun to watch the tourists as they use the sculpture like a ‘fun house’ mirror.

I’ve wanted to make an image of the Bean without any people around it so I figured that sunrise would have a minimum number of spectators and indeed, there were only a dozen or so there last Saturday morning.  After some processing of a few exposures, I was able to come up with this image of the Bean all by itself seemingly waiting for the onslaught of the day’s visitors.

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Marina Towers


I was on a photowalk last Saturday with a group of people in downtown Chicago along the river.  It was part of an international event with over 28,000 photographers in over 1200 photowalks.  It’s a good excuse to go out and make images as well as meet all sorts of people.  I worked with photographers from as far away as Crete, Illinois (about 10 miles from me) to a photographer on holiday from his home just outside of London, England.

This image is of the Marina Towers, the upper portion of the Marina City complex.  When they were first built, they seemed pretty tall, but now they’re dwarfed by all sorts of structures.  They are also famous for the chase scene in Steve McQueen’s final film (The Hunter – 1979) where a car makes an illegal exit from the 17th floor parking garage into the Chicago River.

When I was looking at the tower, I noticed the red object (I think it’s a barbeque grill of some sort) and felt it stuck out nicely against all the dull concrete.

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Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

There are miles of pedestrian tunnels below the streets of Chicago.  This one goes under Michigan Avenue to the Metra station.  At rush hour, it’s crowded with passengers, but I try to avoid the masses.

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Old Glory

Old Glory

It’s hard for someone my age who remembers the great amount of patriotism that followed the 9-11 attacks in New York and Washington, to realize that most of the kids in school have little or no remembrance of the event itself and that we have settled back into a mindset that preceded it.  Some people may welcome this and others decry it, but it is what it is.  Anyway, I made this image in downtown Chicago a few years ago while there was still some national pride.

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Usually, graffiti artists like to make big, bold statements, but whoever painted the little message on the board here did it in an intimate and even whimsical way.

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It’s a Corner

It's a Corner

Another exhibit of my fondness for corners.  It’s not the corner so much, but the way the various lines and angles interact with each other and with the textures.  And, as usual, it has an almost monochromatic look that I like.

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Street Patterns

Street Patterns

Like yesterday’s post, this is another interesting pattern on the street, though a bit more sculpture rather than paint.

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