Footprint in the Sand

While the footprint goes down into the sand, this is one of those images that can fool the eye and look like it’s coming up form out of the sand.

Tomorrow I start my photo a day project for the next year.  Unlike some blogs, I won’t necessarily be making a new photo each day (Maybe I’ll save that for next year.) but mostly, I’ll be going back through my old files and maybe even checking out old slides and negatives to scan.  Like most people, I have way too many images hanging around and this will give me a chance to try look over old work and visit images I haven’t seen or worked with for a while.

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Packed in Ice

Another cold day in the Midwest with bright blue skies, sunshine and brilliant hoar-frost on the trees from last night’s fog.  I almost feel guilty about not going out to photograph, but I got in late last night after plying with an alumni band at the University of Illinois down in Urbana.  The Marching Illini are in Texas for a bowl game today and so alumni are called in to cover basketball games.  Last night was a Women’s game against California.  The good thing was that I got to visit with friends, the bad thing was the final score.  In honor of the weather, here’s a photo from a couple of years ago made after freezing rain.

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Sidewalk ‘Ladder’


One of my earliest successes in ‘post-visualization’ was a crossing similar to this photo.  I’ve made numerous variations on this theme and here is one I did in 2005.  It’s a a pre-visualized image based on my previous ‘random’ successes.

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Self portrait


A photo from the summer of 2005.  I often make photographs without looking through the viewfinder.  Sometimes I use timers to set off the camera at various intervals so that I don’t know exactly when the image will be made,  a technique I used for my project for my Master’s degree back in the 80’s.  I then go through the images to see what I’ve got.  I’ll expound more on the process as I go along with the blog.  In this photo, I knew that the camera was ‘aimed’ at the window and I manually tripped the shutter.  I have too many photos of my reflection in windows that are accidental, but once in a while I do it on purpose.

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White Christmas

Looking down the lane.

Here’s a photo looking down the lane leading from the road to my house.  I live in a farm and the lane is about a block long.  It’s just another quick grab shot made yesterday (Christmas) morning through the front window of the car as I was on my way to play organ at church services.  Fortunately, Photoshop took care of the little bits of smudge on the window and I avoided tramping through the snow.

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Merry Christmas


Besides being a photographer, I’m also a musician.  One of my gigs is as a church organist at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Peotone, IL.  This is a grab shot I took this morning.  When Epiphany rolls around, the statues of the Three Magi show up.  Wishing all the best of the season, and Peace.

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Another add a photo test

Well, another successful try. I’ll have to play around with sizes and such.  This is a photo of the bottom of the Sears Tower.  It’s now the Willis Tower, but it was Sears when I took this.

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Add a photo test

TW Grass

Grass at Twin Willow Farm

Well, amazing.  I can post a photo. There is hope for me yet.

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Hello world!

Well, nothing says Christmas like starting my first blog.  My plans are to start (after a week of shakedown) a photo-a-day blog starting January 1, 2011.  In the meantime, I’ll be learning the wonders of WordPress and getting my photos together.

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