Wild Blue

Wild Blue

The nice thing about air shows is that you can view them without going to the show.  I was on my way to another event in the Chicago suburbs a few yeras ago when I saw this contingent  of the Lima Lima group.  I only could spare a few minutes, but the sky and clouds were great for a series of photos.

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Moonrise 2

moonrise 2

I posted my homage (or hommage, depending on which dictionary you use) to Ansel Adams a little bit back and this is a different image that I made during the same session.  I like naturally occurring monochromatic images and a nighttime silhouette is about as easy a way to make one as there is.

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Blue Background

Blue background

Usually my photos of trees have a bit more of a pastoral background, but then urban sites can have their own interest.

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Table for two

Table for two

A table outside the Walter Payton Roundhouse brewery and restaurant in Aurora, Illinois a couple of summers ago.

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Into the Sunset

Looking west from my house at an ultralight aircraft just before sunset.

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Two tall

Two tall

Two tall buildings in Chicago.  The old Water Tower doesn’t seem so tall in the twenty-first century, but it was pretty tall in its day, especially after the big fire.  The Hancock Building in the background is still impressive.

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Black Dunes

They may look like dunes, but it’s all asphalt in a parking lot in Watseka, Illinois that I photographed a few years ago.

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Nailed it

Nailed it

Fresh paint on asphalt.  Within a month it looked completely different.

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The Hippie and the Square

Hippie and Square

We all anthropomorphise things, and these two benches just seemed to have the characteristics of a late ‘sixties hippie and a stodgy old conservative.

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Foo Dogs

Foo Dogs

Also known as Fu Dogs or Lion Dogs.  These are statues that were often placed on pedestals at entrances.  These two are at Allerton Park outside of Monticello, Illinois.  To get to these two statues, you have to ‘run a gauntlet’ of over a dozen more placed on pedestals  facing in to the pathway.  It’s an impressive sight, but as a photo, the dogs become so small that they can barely be noticed.

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