Monochromatic Color

Monochromatic Color

I like making color images of scenes that are monochromatic.  Saves me the trouble of making a black and white image and then toning it.

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This image comes under the heading of  ‘snapshots of things that amuse me.’  There are thousands of water towers around the country that have the smile face painted on them, but this one had the combination of ‘head’ shape and smile that I liked rather than just ignored.  I made this image while exiting I-57 and just aimed the camera in the general direction of the tower.  A little cropping, and everything was straightened up.  I’m glad I got the image when I did because the city fathers decided that the happy face should be replaced with the village logo and so it has been repainted.  Maybe they’re happy when they now drive by but I’m just a little sad.

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Brick Corner

Brick Corner

While I was photographing in Springfield, IL a few weeks ago I came upon this intersection of two brick walls and thought back to the image I made in New Orleans in 2005 (which I posted yesterday).  Obviously, there is a difference in the subject matter, but there is also the similarity in design and overall feeling.  One of these days I have to get around to printing up a diptych of the two images.

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Steps and Shadows

Steps and Shadows

In January of 2005, I attended a Professional Photographers of America convention in New Orleans.  This was before Katrina hit later that year in August.  This image is from the French Quarter and while I haven’t been back to New Orleans, I imagine that these steps made it through.

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Concrete Design

Concrete Design

Another image from the same walk in Peotone that I was on for yesterday’s post.  This is one of a series of decorative blocks set in the wall of a building that has served as a bank among other things.  It’s interesting that someone apparently knocked off the two lower corners.  I wonder if there was a purpose or if it was just vandalism.

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Red Window

Red Door

I was taking my (almost) daily walk a few days ago in and around Beautiful Downtown Peotone, IL (although when I was in school back in an ancient era, it was known as ‘uptown’) and came across this boarded up window.  It reminded me of an image I posted earlier (search for ‘Red Doors’).  I also like the patterns of the peeled paint and am reminded somewhat of the work of Malevich (but then, most anything reminds me of the work of Malevich).

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Another canyon photo

Another canyon

Photographing the Grand Canyon is sort of like eating potato chips – you can’t stop at just one.  Don’t worry, I have way too many images to stop here with my second post.

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We’re off to see . . .

We're off to see

Sometimes you have to travel to far away places to get an image.  Other times, you can get something looking out your back yard.  The big shadows going out to the corn field are, respectively, the corn crib and my house on the farm where I live.  I was just lucky that I noticed the rainbow and could get my camera before it disappeared.

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Wedding Background

Wedding Background

A few years back, I was photographing a wedding that was taking place in a gazebo by Perry Farm in Bourbonnais, IL.  I got there early, and the wedding party was late (like that hardly ever happens).  While killing time, I scouted out some backgrounds (the photographs included a classic car along with the usual wedding accoutremonts.  I used this pond as a backdrop for a number of images (I did back up a bit so that the people didn’t have to stand in the water).

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La Boheme


La Boheme was the first opera that my Friend Bob Heins and I photographed for the Sugar Creek Symphony and Song Festival (link) (You can search this blog for ‘Pagliacci’ for an image from a later season.)  In this scene, Mimi and Rodolfo have separated and Mimi is left in the fog.  This image was made during an early dress rehearsal and the fog machine was going full blast.  This made for a great photograph, but blocked the view for the audience, so the fog was cut down so that it basically just hugged the floor –  also a great effect, but I really liked the full-blown fog in this image.  Also, it was decided that Mimi should lose the hat.  This may have worked better for the performance, but I feel that the hat emphasizes the cold that Mimi has to endure.

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