Outta’ Here

Outta' Here

Not a particularly hospitable scene – not really any reason to stick around.

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Canyon Waterfall

Canyon Waterfall

One of the problems with photographing a real popular State Park on a Sunday afternoon in summer is that the place is loaded with other people. I was able to get a reasonable view of the waterfall by itself (see August 4 post), but this overall view is of canyon and crowd. Oh well, I was there for only a few hours and got what I could. I’ll just have to convince myself that the people add something to the scene (or else I’ll have to use Photoshop to get rid of them :) ).

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Pharoah’s Fury

Pharoah's Fury

Alright- one more image from the Will County Fair Midway.

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Well, the Will County Fair is over today, so this is my last image of the Midway (unless I use one other one that I kind of like). This is one of those rides that go back and forth and round and round until you get sick. For some reason, it doesn’t appeal to me now the way it did in my youth.

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Classic Cafe-Foot Long Corn Dogs and More!

Classic Cafe

Another image from the Will County Fair. This is one of many places on the Midway that offer all sorts of “health” food. Yesterday’s post shows the location for funnel cakes and elephant ears (note that no elephants were harmed in making the elephant ears or the image).

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County Fair – Ring the Bell

County Fair - Ring the Bell

It’s Will County Fair time again in Peotone. I’ve never liked the images I took at the fair, but this year I tried the HDR technique and I think it gives more of the feeling of the lights and action of the Midway.

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The Brewhouse

The Brewhouse

Well, yesterday I posted an image of the Flossmoor Train Station restaurant.  If your head is still on the bar and you look in the other direction, this is what you see.  The doors open to the brewing area and you can see one of the large copper kettles used in the process.

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The Train Station

The Train Station

The Flossmoor Train Station is a great brewpub.  This is the view you would have if your head was laying on the bar after a few too many brews (except it would be fuzzier).

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Rocks and Such

Rocks and Such

Rocks and foliage with a bit of color going through.

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First Signs of Autumn

First Signs of Autumn

No matter what, it always shows up every year.  There’s the promise of great color before the snows arrive.


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