I was driving home from town today and saw this blimp over the horizon.  The bad thing was that my camera and long lens were at home.  The good thing is that blimps aren’t too fast.  Anyway, I took a few shots for no particular reason.  Blimp photos from the ground tend to be unspectacular unless you’re close with just the right background which I wasn’t and it wasn’t.  The best photos I ever made were of the Goodyear blimp back in the early 70’s when I was able to photograph it up close while it was coming in for a landing.  I wonder what ever became of those negatives.  Anyway, I’ll have to check out local sports events in the next few days to see who is using the Direct TV blimp for aerial shots.

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Another Cliche

Another Cliche

So I’m watching the jet fly by the moon and figured, ‘what the heck’ I’ll take a picture.  Nothing spectacular, but it was one of those interesting moments.  My biggest decision was whether or not to put the accent on the end of ‘cliche’ but I decided against it because some browsers would probably substitute some sort of funky symbol which would be worse than just leaving it off.


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New HDR Processing

Will County Fair

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range which is a technique used to capture information in an image ranging from very dark to very bright and present it in a normal way.  Usually, if you expose to get detail in the dark shadow areas, the bright highlights will be overexposed and will be white areas without details.  In the same way, if you expose so that there is detail in the highlights, the shadow areas will be pure black.  Someday, technology may provide us with sensors that capture the entire range, but for now we have to ‘cheat’ by making several exposures ranging from dark to light and then use software to combine the exposures to get the whole range.

Early versions of HDR software tended to produce a ‘look’ that can be quite impressive and interesting, but I always wanted to produce images that were a bit more natural.  This image is from the 2011 Will County Fair in Peotone and I published another version from the series on August 27th of 2011 using more of the HDR ‘look’.  (Check it out here)  Each version has its own merits but I tend to prefer this technique.

(Side Note – I moved to Peotone when I was in the fourth grade and have attended the fair for decades [and decades] but never entered anything.  So this year, I broke down and entered a few photos.  This one ended up winning best of show in its division.  I guess I can stop entering now, ’cause I can only go downhill from here.)

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