Our tax Dollars at Wirk

A sign that I saw a few months ago for the repairs being done on Route 50 near the I-57 intersection.   I guess that the sign shop doesn’t have spellcheck.


work zone

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Apple Dumplings

Another 2013 Will County Fair photo.  I’m trying to decide whether or not I’m going to remove the power lines (and possibly the pole too) from the upper right hand corner.  I’m pretty sure that I’m going to lighten up the entire stand.  The girl was standing under yellow lights and I might try to change the color temperature a bit to make her skin tones closer to reality without losing the overall effect of the yellow lights.  It’s things like this that can make finishing and image take forever.

Apple Dumpling Stand

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Buy a Fish – $3.00

I’ve started processing some images from this year’s Will County Fair. Here’s one of the games on the Midway. I didn’t feel like spending three bucks to see it in action. If anybody needs the info, I know where to buy most of the prizes wholesale.


Fishin' at the Fair


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