Freudian Ponderings

Freudian Ponderings

To get some details out of the way – this is an image of an art installation that I made in Chicago in 2007. The title is “Man Hanging Out” and it is by the Czech sculptor David Cerny (there are some diacritics over the C and the y, but I left them out since some web browsers have trouble with them)  The statue is of Sigmund Freud and according to info that Columbia College (which sponsored and put up the installation) had in the window below the sculpture, it was “a surprising evocation of the life and work of Sigmund Freud.”   I wonder.


I also wonder why I made the image.  Why did I post it after almost four years?  Is a snapshot of art also art? (There was a group of artists some years back who did a ‘rephotograhic’ project.  This usually involves going to a location of a famous photograph and making a new image at the site to show changes that have come over time.  This group, however, photographed famous photographs that are in Public Domain and presented them. They credited the original photographers, but presented the work as their own.  An interesting idea and one that mostly didn’t go anywhere, since it was mostly conceptual art and most people didn’t get or appreciate the concept.)  If the snapshot isn’t art, is it because it’s a snapshot, or did the original art somehow become ‘not art’.  So many questions, so little time, so little importance to them.


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