I’m George Kwain, a photographer in Peotone, Illinois

I was bitten by the photo bug around the seventh grade.  I did the usual camera club bit during high school and continued my hobby in college.  While in college, I got a job in a photo store and started photographing as a part time profession in 1969.  Eventually, I became a photographer full time, working first for a studio and then going out on my own.

I also have been involved with computers and electronics since 1966 when I was working on my Bachelor’s degree in chemistry.  I took computer programming courses before there was even a Computer Science curriculum at my school.  I also built my first micro-computer in the mid seventies before IBM and others came out with ready-made machines.

I combined the two fields while working on my Master’s degree in Fine Art Photography. While I had dabbled with graphics early on a LISA computer (The forerunner of the MAC) I didn’t really get heavily involved until I had my first Pentium based machine that came with a copy of Aldus Photostyler (Aldus was eventually bought out by Adobe, but the program had many of the same features as early Photoshop).  My work was with scans of negatives and output to a film recorder for conventional photo prints.

With the millennium (and finally reasonable prices) came my first foray into serious digital cameras and I haven’t stopped yet.  I’m too frugal (read that as ‘cheap’) to be an early adapter, so I’m usually a generation or two behind on hardware and software, but even last year’s ‘gee-whiz’ camera that is today’s dinosaur can do what I need to do.

I put off starting a blog until I had a good reason, so when I came across people who were doing a ‘photo a day’ blog, I decided that it would be a good discipline for me as well as an excuse to visit work from my early digital work to see how it held up.  Well, the concept held up better than I did, so I’ve switched from a daily post to occasional posts whenever I have the urge and the time.

Blogs are basically an adventure in narcissism, but if any of these images give pleasure or inspire thought, it will be even more than I could hope for.

Email to: gmkwain@aol.com or use the form below.  (Don’t bother with the phone number because I probably won’t get around to calling)

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